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I tell you what's up in my life, running through my head, and keeping me passionate.

Seeking A New Beginning 🔌


2018, yOu'Re NoT rEaDy

Felt at a fire scene in NYC.  Handwritten in my journal.  Edited for your eyes.  

NEW YORK N.Y. -- On one of the final days of 2017, I found myself in the middle of Midtown Manhattan with a chopper swaying above.  Police and fire officials were closing in on the scene of a restaurant fire.  I immediately took out my iPhone to begin telling this story on Instagram, and once I finished recording the first IG Story it died.    

The all-too-familiar ugly, negative voice grabbed my brain's microphone, "You're not ready." and suddenly it was the only billboard I could read in a city filled with them.  Crap.  

"What a waste of my time running eleven blocks to this breaking news scene."

"How stupid of me to leave my mentor's office knowing the battery was running low."  

"Ridiculous, Malick."  

Left those thoughts in 2017.  

I ran into a sweet friend, inspiration and WABC-TV reporter, Darla Miles touching up her make-up in the news van as she prepared to go live in front of millions.  Afraid my time away at college had erased people's memory of me, I was *so* nervous to go up to the van that my description of the scene for her was a train wreck.  "Three ladders and ummmm, they're pointed to the roof, but there isn't a fire, but I think there's smoke, but not at the part of the roof where the ladders are."  🤦🏽‍♂️

I watched her go live with other bystanders, and those voices came to an abrupt halt, because I was ready for that.  

This past year was outstanding , but also traumatizing.  I'm seeking out a new beginning for good head space, positive thoughts, and a little more juice for my iPhone☺️.  Fresh starts are also just wild cool.  New, new, new!

This first day of 2018 (and everyday or any day after, if you so choose) has the potential to be a magical breath of fresh air -- a new beginning, if you will.  I entered 2018 with an iPhone 7 Charging Case 😌 (take that mean brain cells!), and officially rang it in watching CNNNYE with my mom.  

I hope you take a moment to find what you need for this year.  What will charge you and your new beginning?  What do you need to achieve your goals that others may just not understand?  What do you need to watch dreams you've longed to see become reality do just that?  It's a wonderful time to start anew.

Thank you for reading.  


With ❤️ and gratitude,