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Hi there! This part of the site is for school projects that are required to be uploaded to my website. Please note that it’s produced with a school grade in mind, unlike the rest of my website. Enjoy!


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About me

Malick Mercier is a sophomore Journalism major enrolled at Ithaca College that loves crying, laughing, and chai lattes . Malick most recently was presented with and accepted a position as the very first intern for ABC’s new digital brand, Localish, which is focused on shining light on the good in cities across America. Malick is most known for hosting Instagram’s official coverage of the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C. on @Instagram -- the largest Instagram account with a following of 250+ million.

After hosting for Instagram, Malick went on to continue to cover March for Our Lives, specifically covering the first stop on their nationwide tour, “Road To Change,” in the South Side of Chicago, IL. He reported on the march as the sole correspondent on the ground for through their Instagram account. In addition, Malick has worked with Teen Vogue and Toms to urge young people to vote; to interview NYT-bestselling author, Aija Mayrock; and JetBlue to celebrate National Aviation Day. Malick is also the host of “this news,” an IGTV show he created to share the stories of his generation.

Malick is proficient in social media storytelling, and in using next-gen and modern-day tools to reach an audience. He knows how to create visually compelling Instagram stories. He uses a Canon Rebel T7i and Adobe Premiere Pro and other industry-standard equipment.

Malick is excited to one day bring his talents to a newsroom where he can continue being a next-gen storyteller and pursue elements of a traditional broadcast journalist.

Malick lives in Brooklyn, New York with his mom, Alma and hopes to make her proud.