About Malick

About Malick


Hey, you!  

I’m Malick Mercier -- a rising sophomore Journalism major at Ithaca College that loves crying, laughing, and chai latte’s☕️. I’m newly the host of this news on IGTV. I’d rather not hype myself up by writing in the third person so we won’t do that🙅🏾‍♂️.

You may recognize me from my hosting Instagram’s official news coverage of the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C. on @Instagram -- the largest Instagram account with a following of 250+ million.  Soon after, student activists launched Road to Change which began on the South Side of Chicago. I traveled there to continue to being the student journalist on the ground, this time hosting @Mic’s Instagram coverage and writing for Mic.com. I interviewed school shooting survivor Cameron Kasky.

Plus, I’ve worked with Teen Vogue + Toms to urge young people to vote; DoSomething.org to interview NYT-bestselling author, Aija Mayrock; and JetBlue to celebrate National Aviation Day. I’ve also moderated my very first panels!  I moderated the panel at Instagram’s launch of A Parent’s Guide in NYC and the panel on IGTV📺⚡️ at the 2018 Online News Association Conference in Austin, Texas.  

Having been hit by a car I know that this is not only a special time to be alive, but to be entering new media. Excited to continue to emerge as a digital + social journalist, I recently launched this news on IGTV — a fast-paced, Instagram-built social news show to help people my age stay informed without leaving our own online haven.

PS - Take a stroll through this site! You’ll find some of my latest work, my blog posts, and ways to get in touch. Please do🤗.

xx + gratitude❤️,