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Insignificant Accomplishments✨

Screenshot 2017-07-20 22.05.11.png

ooo you goal-digger 😉

They're actually pretty significant.  Just turn 'em around and a littttttle to the left.  There!  Super special.


I was watching HLN's "Across America" with Lynn Smith in for Carol Costello, when Lynn's interviewee who was on to chat about ways to transform your 2018 said that if you went to the dentist this year you would be doing better than a very large number of your fellow Americans.  Lynn started laughing, and so did I 😂.  I mean -- who even thinks of that?!  It got me thinking...INSIGNIFICANT ACCOMPLISHMENTS.  Not everything may seem huge, but every little thing you do each and every day is something you've accomplished.  You don't have to meet a celebrity to scream, or have launched a startup to have a party.  If you got out of bed, that's cause for celebration🎉.  Here are 15 insignificant accomplishments:  

  1. Making your bed 🛏
  2. Drinking a glass of water 💦
  3. Brushing your teeth 2x daily 
  4. Flossing however much you're supposed to floss 🤷🏾‍♂️
  5. Doing something, *anything* that makes you FEEL GOOD
  6. Eating something healthy 🍏 
  7. Not pressing snooze ⏰
  8. Holding the door for someone 
  9. Talking to a stranger 🗣
  10. Doing whatever it is your heart wants to ❤️
  11. Reading a book 📚
  12. Forgiving yourself
  13. Forgiving someone else
  14. Throwin' good vibes into the universe ✨
  15. Putting your clothes out the night before 👗👖

Now, this post isn't cause to say "Oh, woahhh I don't have to do any of that?!" and put the covers back over your head.  It's cause to keep (or start 😉) doing all these things...with a little more swagger, because you rock.  

Thank you for reading.  


With ❤️ and gratitude,