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Reasons I Heart Flying ✈️❤️


Airwaves, you got me faded.

Natural high.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Aviation is the coolest thing to ever grace this earth.  It's what gives us humans our swagger (don't deny it!!).  How'd you get to that dream vacation?  Accomplish that goal thousands of miles away?  Take that fire sky shot that's got you more likes than your puppy on Instagram?  Yes, you can thank our ability to be flyyyyyy✈️.  I just landed into Syracuse International Airport in Syracuse, New York and here are the obsession points my brain's neurons are firing off:


1. EEEEERRRRROOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM....bliss -- Take off is the cutest thing *ever*☺️.  You know how you feel your back innately ease into your seat as the engines begin to roar?  Before you know it you suddenly feel the bottom of the plane depart the Earth's crust, and a sort of welcoming quiet wraps its arms around you.  Airborne.  C'monnnn, there's *nothing* more magical.

IMG_4909 2.JPG

2. TRAVEL.  The fact that from the moment you take off you know you'll land somewhere different is breathtaking in itself.  Even if you're doing a flight lesson and you land at the same airport, you always come in hot with a new perspective, thought, or mood (usually crazier than when you started🙈).  

3. HELLO, BEAUTIFUL!  It can't be just me...planes are *gorgeous* creatures.  How they manage to keep their rudder and elevator thiccc 😉 and their wings a sexy shiny is incomprehensible.  A photo with a jet in it will always look 1000% better, and you know it!!  Photos from inside are just as stunning, not to mention the shots you can get from being up so high!


4. WANDERLUSTING SO HARD RN😅😍.  Do you feel the power in being in an aluminum tube full of people ready to kick butt?!  Just knowing you're apart of that -- a piece of the pie on the move -- going to get their education, pay their respects, celebrate life, knock off bucket list items -- is magnificent, and if you *really* allow yourself to tune in...you'll feel it!  

5. BUDUMBUMSHERRRRR, "JetBlue Airways welcomes you to Syracuse."  The fact that you can feel those wheels kiss the runway and then simply roll off is just so happy-place-vibey.  It's like the cool down part of the work out.  

For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.
— Leonardo da Vinci

Thank you for reading.  


With ❤️ and gratitude,