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My Ithaca, I'll Miss You.


My Wildest Nightmare

I'm taking a medical LOA.

BROOKLYN, NY -- Moving in and out of college is something I truly dread.  Something I wish I could afford to pay someone to do for me.  But, right now there's nothing more I'd rather be doing than lifting boxes and driving down to Ithaca College.  Setting everything up, seeing people I've begun to miss all summer....  Fetching the makeup I left in storage.  I can almost see it!  But, I can't live it.  Instead I'm writing this in an iHOP in Brooklyn.

Because lifting anything puts my back in pain.  Because I get headaches like I've never ever EVER felt before.  Because my leg is in this brace.  Because my knees are kinda DONE. Because who knows how many more MRIs I need.  Because surprise procedures are possibly around the corner.  Because I need loads more physical therapy. Because I got hit by a car.  

I say this to say, that I am unfortunately -- it breaks my heart -- taking a medical leave of absence for the Fall 2018 semester.  I can't tell you the level to which my heart has legitimately fallen into my stomach at this news.  I write this teary-eyed.

Because I wanted to be there for all the freshman who have taken my campus tours.  Because I wanted to finally meet those that reached out for advice, help, or just to say hello.  Because I was living to get to stay up 'till 2AM doing homework with friends I find myself lucky to do that with.  Because I was ready to walk into my 8AMs and see the professors that have been more understanding, more like what I believe family is supposed to be than I could have ever imagined. 

To my fellow Ithacans: thank you, thank you, thank you for being there for me.  Thank you for wrapping me in your warmth.  Thank you for never letting me go.  

I cannot wait to see all of you in the Spring.  And even sooner -- I'm going to make a trip up this semester once I feel good enough to fall down to the ground in your hugs.  Oh no I'm gonna cry...  I can't cry I'm in iHOP lol.  This will be the hardest semester of my life, so I would appreciate it if you all continued to be the best peers you can be as you enter classrooms, embark on group projects, and pursue the plethora of opportunities IC has to offer each and every day...since I cannot.  

PS - I am still here for you!! :)))  Please don't hesitate to reach out anytime!!  

xx + gratitude,