It's Breaking. We're Landing.

I tell you what's up in my life, running through my head, and keeping me passionate.

Seeking A Break 😴


Break, wya? 🧐

Handwritten in my journal.  Edited for your eyes.  Littered with photos that offer me a sense of calm.

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- It’s 1:39am on Christmas Day... and I find myself at the brink of an answer to this question: Do I write this blog post, or not?  I have to be up by 8am, it’s CHRISTMAS🎄🎁 for goodness sakes  and all I can recall hearing as I closed out my first semester at Ithaca College is,

”Malick S L E E P!” 

”Just spend *days* doing absolutely nothing.” 


”You have to take time to rest.” 

And here I am presented with the opportunity.  I could shut this journal📔 I’m writing in right now and hit the sack. 

But then what?

This blog is supposed to be my NEW DIG✨.  It really is and I want it to take off.  I have to keep at it.  If I don’t, am I not writing myself off from success in this?  And besides, can’t I sleep later?  This break is nearly a month long.  

In reality, I’ll likely spend a lot of that time running around this crazy city where my time is limited because of college, working on this blog & my YouTube channel, and focusing on figuring out how to make my next semester at college less stressful than my first.

Doesn't sound like much of a break.  Tellllll me about it.   


Sometimes I wish everything would just STOP.  I wish we could just *pause* all time so we could all catch up.  Send those emails.  Mail those letters.  Make that phone call.  Ask that special someone out.  Finally figure out that piece of you that’s just a littttttle confusing.  

But even on “breaks” time never really stops. And as the closed stores on Christmas Eve taught me (I'm a last-minute shopper)... it doesn’t wait for anyone.  

But I wonder if that’s okay?   


Is it okay to have a productive break?  Absolutely.  Is it okay to do whatever you may feel you need to do on your break?  Sure. 

I am no master at this, but I think the key to a break is to spend it doing what makes you happy -- whatever that may be.  

Sleep makes me happy...but, not too much or too little of it. Maybe that means I need to use my break to figure out how much sleep I need to *feel* good? 

YouTube makes me smile...only if I’m doing it consistently.  Maybe that means I need to spend time during the break trying to figure out how — with my schedule -- I can feasibly push out good content on a regular basis. 

I think all in all breaks, are *yours*.  It really is up to you what you do with the time but I think using your break to figure out things — no matter what they are — is a good use of your time.  Even figuring out what it means to take a break is a good use of time.  Do whatever you need to.  It's your opportunity and no one else's.   


Thank you for reading. 


With ❤️ and gratitude,