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17 Things 2017 Taught Me🎉


2017, I hear you.  

Change your seat on the bus.  Order free water from Starbucks.  Keep gaining your confidence, unapologetically.  

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- 2017 taught me the world about life.  I think reflection is key in making your future exceptional.  If you don't look back and learn, how will you ever unleash your full potential?  Below are seventeen lessons I learned this year.  

  1. Say "no."  Keep your “yes.“ limited and secure.
  2. There is a middle ground between bragging about and simply sharing your success.  Find it.  Practice it. 
  3. This too shall pass. 
  4. Home will always be home, but because your passions are part of what make your home, home you can re-create it temporarily wherever you go.   
  5. Know your facts.  Don’t hesitate to correct those who assume falsehoods about you. 
  6. Keep it secret, until you are ready to tell.  It is your story. 
  7. Don’t be self-centered, but still be able to keep Project You as #1.
  8. No one is going to hate you for not emailing them an update.  People understand you are busy because they are probably just as busy.  Just get it done in time.  Late is better than never.
  9. It doesn’t matter if people don’t understand why you are doing something or going somewhere, listen to your heart💗 and do it.   
  10. Cherish moments.  Cherish people.  Cherish time. 
  11. The more you exercise courage, the more confident you become.  Confidence makes more sense when you call it 'self-assurance' and that comes from within.  
  12. Don't apologize if you aren't wrong.  
  13. Not everyone deserves to know *all* about you.  Your sexuality, your dreams, your past -- it's nobody's business but yours.  It is your choice to reveal what you want to, always.
  14. You have to plan in advance.  (I'm currently typing this in a Starbucks....on Christmas Eve...and all the shops are closed.  Yes, I'm a last-minute shopper...but my GOODNESS!  I had no idea everyone would lock up so early.  Thank God for e-gift cards and the workers accommodating holiday slowpokes, like me.)
  15. Perfection is a social construct.  Don't not do something, because you are so worried about whether or not it will be perfect.  Give all things a go.  You get one life.  Now will never, ever come again.
  16. Music can take you back to your happy place, even when you are physically away from it.  Listen to your old jams often.  
  17. Don't feel bad or sour in any way for taking time for you.  You need to learn how to take yourself and the time you need as seriously as you do commitments with other humans.

What did 2017 teach you?  Comment below or message me @ClassyMalick.  I'd love to hear.  I think reflection is a sure way to position yourself to be on 2018's bright-side.☀️ 


Thank you for reading. 


With ❤️ and gratitude,