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How to Kill it in 2018 😎


New Year, who dis?

Sucker for a fresh start.

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Happy New Year, team!  

Right now, 2018 looks so good on you and I have a feeling you're going to have a *bomb* year.    For this New Years-esque post, I broke down three things I believe you should incorporate into your 2018 to help you kill this fresh start.

Courtesy of: https://www.horoscope.com/us/horoscopes/general/horoscope-general-daily-today.aspx?sign=3

Courtesy of: https://www.horoscope.com/us/horoscopes/general/horoscope-general-daily-today.aspx?sign=3

  1. Focus
    • Name Your Year.  Did you do too much of something in 2017, or not enough of something?  Maybe you didn't believe in yourself enough.  Maybe you cut a lot of people off, and you now miss those people.  I said "Yes!" to everyone and everything, and didn't have a handle on my "No."  It got a little out of control.  For me this is the year of "No."  From 'create,' to 'kind' there are a number of words you can use to title your year.  Choosing one word to return throughout this year will likely help you accomplish some of your goals.      
    • Got a mantra?  I *love* these things!  They can  be catchy, funny, quirky, or anything you want them to be, really.  You literally get to combine a bunch of words to empower you, and nobody gets to tell you a thing about it.  My life mantra right now, is "I'm trynaaa grow this me!" because I am always aspiring to accomplish new feats all in the effort of creating myself.  From "Just keep swimming." (Thanks, Dory!), to "You got this." there are a number of mantras out there, but I think it's best to create your own.  I believe that if it comes from within, you'll be more inclined to stick to it!   My 2018 super power mantra is "I'm the star of this show.  So go!"  A daily horoscope actually inspired this, and I do believe that we each are the stars of our own lives.  If you don't take the initiative and get things done, who will?  There is no understudy!
  2. Values
    • In 2017, boy...did people have any??  Values are *utterly* important, not only for your success, but so that you are happy.  We innately all have limits (some remain undiscovered until we reach them), and I believe that listing our values help further enforce and remind us of what we truly care about so we always prioritize those things.  A few of mine include gratitude, caring, safety, fun, passion, and moxie.  You may have noticed that I stole a few from JetBlue haha!  (Yes, the airline has values.)  My passion value keeps me in check by reminding me to always be passionate about what I am doing and I often ask myself that question when new tasks arise, "Am I passionate about this?"  I think that will be helpful in knowing what to say "No." to as well.  See how it's all connected?  My moxie value reminds me of all the times being a stubborn, put-your-self-out-there teen has paid off and keeps me running after journalists and aviators I admire.  
  3. Goals
    • As I was writing my goals down for the new year, everything was fine until I arrived at 'Meet Erica Hill.'  I wanted to meet her last year....what if I don't meet her this year???  Then, what?!  Have I failed...at a goal *I* set? 😳  That is spine-shiver scary.  The idea that December 31st is a cut off of some sort is, too.  If I don't meet Erica Hill by the end of this year, if I had done everything in my power to meet her, then that is just fine.  
    • Some of my goals this year include posting weekly to YouTube, and twice weekly to this very blog.  Overall, I believe writing down things you'd like to accomplish, and just shouting them to the mountain tops (or your apartment ceiling) is a healthy practice.  I think specificity is key.  Notice I say how often I'd like to post for both platforms.  I don't say I'd like x amount of subscribers on each platform.  Instead, I am just going to focus on consistently producing great and thoughtful work.  How many people decide to subscribe is not a factor I can control.  You can though😂  so please do take a moment to do that!  😉.  
    • Make sure your goals are things you actually want to achieve!  If not, it just won't work.
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I have a feeling these secret weapons will help you kick off and kill 2018 with class.  Go out with passion and fire.  Have a wonderful year.  Thank you for reading.


With ❤️ and gratitude,