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How To: Self-Love 🤗


Show Yo Self Some Love ;)  💖 

A little love here.  A little love there. 

ITHACA N.Y. -- Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you are taking the time to embrace the love in your life...or lack thereof.  Haha!  But, let's be real.  In order to love -- truly love -- anyyyyybody else, you've gotta love yourself first.  Although we hear the term 'self-love' thrown around often, I think its practices are pretty foreign.  I do not have a rose or chocolate for you, but below, I share fourteen ways to get you actually pursuing the self-love grind.    

  1. Open those arms wide and wrap yourself in them tightly.  You'll feel special, and loved, and have knocked out a little bit of stretching for the day.  
  2. Remind yourself that you are where you are and that is not just okay...it's great!  Make decisions for you.  Be allergic to comparison.
  3. Draw or write and just don't stop.  Let what's inside flow onto the pages, unrestricted.  There truly is no right or wrong.  
  4. Once in a while resist the urge to capture everything.  I knowwww you've got that fancy new iPhone camera in your pocket buttttt what about preserving that gorgeous sunrise, or  special livery A380 taking off of a runway with a scenic view for you and you alone.  For that moment will never exist again and if you live it, you own it.  
  5. Laugh *so* hard for no reason, because that in itself is reason to.
  6. Feel an impulse that will create some positive impact on yourself or others and just go for it.  Act in the moment, at the least, just once in awhile.
  7. Listen to tunes that infect you with good vibes.
  8. Read a self-help book and do just one thing it suggests.
  9. Choose to smile at others and hope the humanity within them returns it.
  10. Find something not working out well in your life.  Strategically find a way to make it love you.  
  11. Seek things that fill your heart with love.  This could be something all your friends find weird or abnormal.  But, if you're heart is asking for it, why deny it?  
  12. Protect your heart.  Let it know you've got its back!  
  13. Make a list of things you love about you.  Make a list of things you love about the world. Live them often.  
  14. Tell yourself you love yourself.  Even if you don't right now or don't know what that looks like in your life, you will start to believe it.

Thank you for reading. 


With ❤️and gratitude,