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ITHACA, N.Y. -- In attempting to get away and hear myself while studying Journalism miles from home at Ithaca College, I decided to wake up bright and early and spend a Sunday morning at the Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport (ITH).  As I discussed in Seeking Home, I believe that bits and pieces of your home -- your heart, are all over this world and that you just have to keep your eyes open for them. 👀 

I spent A LOT of time at my home airports.  I volunteered weekly at JFK with Traveler's Aid International, and frequented LaGuardia Airport for events and news coverage, sometimes breaking, for AirlineGeeks.com.  Thennnnn college came.  Nearly three months without a foot of mine on the airfield?  This was long overdue.  Seeing the cute and desolate baggage claim carousels, and the tower perched not-so-high above was, to me, like a cheesecake fanatic at The Cheesecake Factory -- heaven! 


In addition to getting some much-needed work done on this website, I had the opportunity to visit the East Hill Flying Club and jump into a Cessna 172.  Feels.  Although there were some senior undergrads from Cornell University acting super shy around the plane -- I knew the intro ropes well, and made sure the pilot showing us around knew I was no novice.  I actually have my student pilot's license and have flown a plane...just saving up before I kick into training gear.  Turned out, the pilot showing us around is a professor at MY college, who I'm looking forward to getting in touch with. 

I loved the few hours I spent at ITH because the airport really made me feel as though I could hear myself...and that's precious when your surrounded by 6,000+ other students👨🏽‍🎓👩🏻‍🎓 24/7.   

When I got back to my dorm, I posted about my visit to the airport and in addition to my AvGeeks✈️ loving it, the airport, @FlyIth, decided to send me some swag which I can't wait to sport around campus!  I got a branded pair of shades (it's sunny up there ya know! 😉), water bottle, luggage tag, and what I'd call a pretty fly tee.  


Since my visit, I've contacted the airport manager and convinced him and the ITH team to bring me back.  Next semester, for my scholarship service requirement I'll be volunteering with the airport at the intersections of media, the airfield, and the community it services.  It's so exciting to see how much can happen from a simple visit, social media share, and phone call.

Today and everyday, I encourage you to go after whatever you may want in life.  I have always believed that showing up is the most important thing.  If you're into ice skating...maybe join (or start) the club at school and ask a pro to come hold a talk.  If you're obsessed with dolphins (I like stingrays...lol) why not call up a local aquarium and see if you can offer them some help and as a treat get to shadow one of their dolphin show trainers?  The world is waiting for you, but it's up to you to tell it what you want.  It's also up to you to get up in the morning and go get it.  I have a feeling your ready for takeoff.  Fly away my friend, and do let me know where you land.


Thank you for reading.  


With ❤️ and gratitude,