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Seeking A FEEL GOOD Semester🎒✨


Good, good, good.

Bad vibes be gone from this campus!

ITHACA N.Y. -- Last semester (as the whole world probably knows by now), I took on too much and boyyy am I doing *everything* in my power to ensure that doesn't happen again.  Only week one is in the books and I've already had three extracurriculars I pursued last semester check-in to see if I'd be on their team once again.  It was special trying to find the classiest, most graceful of ways to say "Nahhhhhh, but I'll be rooting for you all from the viewer's side!!" for two of them.  The third one is on what I'm calling 'maybe-status' because I *really* loved it, and it seriously kept me up on the news.  

You might laugh at this but, for a first week it was seriously exhausting😴.  I received genuine amounts of homework (she can't sit with usssss!!🙅🏾‍♂️), had welcome back meetings, caught up with friends, had packages delivered (some of which I still haven't opened🤫) and tried to continue to be social and up on the news.  Although I dropped some balls, I kept *a lot* in the air -- I somehow managed to have breakfast each and every day.  I also got in an important phone call, edited and uploaded a YouTube video, sent out a number of emails, and most importantly (IMO) survived without being late to or missing a single class!!

Some of this is mandatory and shouldn't really be applauded, but would it hurt to give a little hoorah🎉 for those seemingly insignificant accomplishments?  Aren't they a valid piece of what makes a semester📚 great to begin with?  I also think checking those things off makes you feel *really* good.  

When you're handed new professors, new classrooms, new peers -- aka new vibes -- its imperative that you feel your best so you can produce that quality of work in that new space.  I really believe it stems from attitude and perspective.  In order to seek out a good semester you have to sort of hope it will be that from the second you realize it is what you would like to manifest.  Although we're already in full swing it is never too late to zoom wayyy out and ask yourself these questions:

  1. What happened last semester?  I took on too much.
  2. What needs to be improved?  I need to put things into perspective, and focus on a few things by saying no to many things.
  3. How can I *feel* better overall?  By not being pinned against the wall by a million and one tasks that aren't even passion projects!!  

Then, all of a sudden -- you've got a game plan and a why as in why you want to execute it.


Thank you for reading.  

PS -- If you'd like to hear some of my fears😨 for semester numero dos (I'm taking Spanish haha!) 📚, and a bit of how I'm ✨feeling✨ otherwise please watch my YouTube video below where I fly✈️ back to Ithaca College and share just that🙌🏾!




With ❤️ and gratitude,